Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

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signs of drug use

They often treat muscle spasms, anxiety disorders, and sleep problems. Similar events can occur in the lives signs of drug use of people without an addiction problem. But these can become more common when an addiction is present.

How to Tell if Someone is on Drugs

These drugs can cause severe intoxication, which results in dangerous health effects or even death. Many people struggling with an addiction have some interaction with the law at some point in their life. This may be because they got caught in possession of a drug, they were selling it, or they may drive while intoxicated and hurt someone. When someone is sliding into addiction, they tend to hang out with people who also use their drug of choice, or use any kind of substance for that matter.

  • These changes can remain long after you stop using the drug.
  • They often have several steps that vary from person to person.
  • This means the drugs are injected directly into the bloodstream.
  • There is no known cause of substance use disorder, but several risks have been identified.

If your parents or siblings have problems with alcohol or drugs, you’re more likely as well. Not when it causes financial, emotional, and other problems for you or your loved ones. That urge to get and use drugs can fill up every minute of the day, even if you want to quit.

Drugs & Supplements

Visit the links below to find out more about your health insurance coverage levels, how to get your insurance company to pay for drug and alcohol rehab, and also how to pay if you don’t have insurance. During the intervention, these people gather together to have a direct, heart-to-heart conversation with the person about the consequences of addiction. Substituted cathinones, also called “bath salts,” are mind-altering (psychoactive) substances similar to amphetamines such as ecstasy (MDMA) and cocaine. Signs and symptoms of drug use or intoxication may vary, depending on the type of drug. We’d love the opportunity to help you during this overwhelming and difficult process. The Summit Wellness Group is located in Georgia and all of your calls will be directed to one of our local staff members.

  • If your parents or siblings have problems with alcohol or drugs, you’re more likely as well.
  • If you believe that your loved one is, in fact, abusing drugs or alcohol, talking to them about getting help is critical.
  • Help from your health care provider, family, friends, support groups or an organized treatment program can help you overcome your drug addiction and stay drug-free.
  • Two groups of synthetic drugs — synthetic cannabinoids and substituted or synthetic cathinones — are illegal in most states.
  • Signs and symptoms of drug use or intoxication may vary, depending on the type of drug.
  • Some doctors’ offices are equipped to handle overdoses; others are not.
  • Fortunately for concerned family members and friends, many characteristics of addiction are easy to identify, and many types of drug addictions share similar signs and symptoms.

Hi, to comment on stories you must create a commenting profile. This profile is in addition to your subscription and website login. Alicia Victoria Lozano is a California-based reporter for NBC News focusing on climate change, wildfires and the changing politics of drug laws. Kotek said she’s directed state agencies to make the new law work as seamlessly and fairly as possible. And people could inadvertently end up in jail in other ways under the new misdemeanor charge, such as if they don’t show up in court and are charged with failure to appear, which carries up to 364 days in jail. “Simplification and standardization of court and other administrative processes will help reduce confusion and support successful completion of programs necessary to achieve future expungement,” Kotek said.

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